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BED REST?! [02 Dec 2008|06:52pm]
Man...this kid is making her last few days inside pretty eventful.

We had an ultrasound yesterday that confirmed she is still breech. That means that it is highly unlikely that she will turn...no big..we can deal with a c-section. However, my blood pressure was high. So Doc orders bloodwork and gives me all sorts of things that mean I should call. One of which is a headache that won't go away with tylenol.

Last night...had a headache...took tylenol and was able to sleep. Today..headache comes back and tylenol didn't help. Ring ring to doc. They send me to labor and delivery to be monitored...better to be safe than sorry. Well...blood pressure is even higher than it was yesterday. So more bloodwork. They turn me on my left side, and my blood pressure started to come down.

Doc comes in...says if I wasn't scheduled for a c-section on Monday since baby is breech..HE WOULD HAVE INDUCED TONIGHT! Ugh...so that means strict bedrest. Thank goodness it's only until Monday...I would go insane if I had to do this very long...I am hardly excited to only have to do it until Monday. I can only imagine what my face looked like when he told me if I wasn't already scheduled for a section on Monday he would have induced tonight.

The good thing is that Bailey is doing great and kicked lots with her nice strong heartbeat while I was being monitored. Good to know that she is doing very well through all this extra stuff.
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This kid is a brat :P [17 Nov 2008|03:18pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

So we had a growth ultrasound today...standard in my practice. She is about 6lbs 2 oz so far with lots of hair on her head...and BREECH!

The Dr gave me 2 options. I could come in next week and he would try to turn her. He said it was painful, not 100% sure, and there would be a small chance of an emergency c-section being needed if something went wrong...which is why they do them in the hospital. The other option was to schedule the c-section at the 39 week mark. I would to in for it and they would check with ultrasound if she was still breech. If she is...c-section right then. If not..send me home and wait for labor.

I opted to schedule the c-section and see if she will turn on her own. The risks were not worth it for me on going next week to see if they could turn her. The info we got today actually explains a lot of what I have been feeling. With what I have been feeling she has been in this position for about a month or two. The chances of her turning are slim, but we shall see.

Thankfully we have a relationship with someone on the c-section team at our hospital. Jason is close with his boss (did a reading at our wedding) and his wife is on the c-section team at the hospital. She will be on our c-section, which is comforting to know we will have such an advocate on that side of the sheet.

So here's hoping things go well. I will know an exact date next week...but so far either Dec 8 or 9 we will probably be parents!

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The baby pool is live [07 Nov 2008|04:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My friend Nikki set up a baby pool for bragging rights.

Put in your guesses if you would like to play!!


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Well Hot Damn [14 Oct 2008|09:02am]
So I have recently realized that in about three weeks I should at least start the packing of my hospital bag. My sister went into labor with her first at 35 weeks...and in just three weeks that is where I will be. Now hopefully Bailey will marinate a little longer than that, but I feel like having the bag packed will at least be one thing done and off the list.

So the question to all the Mom's reading this...any tips on what to put in the bag and what not to? What did you just love having with you, and what was a waste? I can't decide if I should get a cheap nightgown for post birth or just live in the hospital gowns, any tricks of the trade etc?

Help out the rookie!!!
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we have a name! [23 Jul 2008|11:24am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Well...we took Ray's suggestions into consideration, and after lots of conversation decided on a name.

Bailey Elizabeth Trask

Jason came up with Bailey, and it just worked. Elizabeth is my middle name that was passed down to me from my Mother. As luck would have it, it is also Jason's Mother's middle name. So she will have the same middle name as her Mom and both Grandmothers. She was meant to have it :)

I had a follow up ultrasound today because they needed one more measurement. Tech showed me the three lines and confirmed that the first tech was right. Yay for that!

So Bailey will be here in December...we can't wait!

Jason was able to feel a slight kick last night for the first time too. That was pretty awesome.

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She kicked me! [17 Jul 2008|09:29am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So I have felt random flutters here and there. Little girl moving her way around and enjoying a good swim. Well...today I was at tealuxe waiting in line to order an iced tea. Had my hand on my belly as normal and all of a sudden felt *bump, bump, bump, bump*. I could feel it inside and on my hand. I hesitated at first wondering if my stomach had learned a new trick...then realized it was BT letting me know she was there. A huge smile came on my face, and it was awesome. I called Jason on my walk to work to let him know :)

It will be pretty infrequent for a bit still, but it was a good start. Hopefully in a few weeks it will be consistent enough that Jason can finally feel it with his hand on the belly. Being the Mom gets you all the perks ;)

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I haven't posted in forever...and lots has gone on [09 Jul 2008|01:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Wow...it has been a big year. Jason and I are approaching our 1st anniversary, and expecting our first child in December!

We just found out what we are having today...the tech says GIRL! We are both so excited. Last I saw Jason he was in a bit of shell shock...similar to the look he had when I told him I was pregnant :P It is probably a whole lot more real for him now. But very exciting all around :)

No names yet...we can't seem to agree in that area. Ray has given his suggestions, and we will take them into consideration ;)

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Extreme Home Makeover comes to Maynard [03 Mar 2008|10:02am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Yep...they came to Maynard. A very well deserving family in my hometown had a house built for them last week. The reveal was this past Friday, and the house is awesome. I drove by it on Sunday when I brought my niece home from SnowCAMPS.

My sister worked on it, my mother, my brother in law, as well as lots of other friends from home. So many people in town gave their time (my brother in law had to do electrician work from 10pm to 4am!) that they were turning people away!

Here are a couple links to the family's story and the website that they have almost 400 pictures on so far. The episode airs on May 11th, and I already can't wait to see it. Lord knows tissues will be in order that night.

I was just so proud to see my hometown come together in such a way. The Giutna is truly blessed to have this home, and it is well deserved. The town was amazing in coming together for them, and it is just a good thing from all sides.



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Fun day [26 Dec 2007|09:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

We really enjoyed our first Christmas day together. We decided on a couple traditions that will be new traditions for our new family. Jason and I having a glass of Champagne with our dinner Christmas eve...and watching A Christmas Story :)

We went to "midnight" mass..yeah...St. Mary of the Hills had it at 6:00 pm! Fr. Wright forgot part of the Our Father and we almost busted out laughing when it happened. The poor man was just looking around the room for help as he forgot it as he was 1/2 way through.

Christmas day was lots of fun. Jason made breakfast, I made cookies to bring to dessert with my fam later in the day. Then we exchanged presents...Santa was good to both of us :)

Then it was on to dinner at the Trask home. That was a great time with yummy food. Dessert was in Hanover with the Hurley clan. I loved playing with all the nieces and nephews there. My family is loud and fun when we are together...it is a blast.

All in all it was a great start to Christmas. We had fun together, and enjoyed the time with our family as well. I hope yours kicked off to a great start as well :)

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WOOOOOO!! [30 Oct 2007|01:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I just got inside from being at the parade for the Red Sox. It was very nice of them to go right past my office so I could still come into work :P

It was fun. I saw the players I wanted to see, and for the most part got some really good pictures. I have to zoom in some more on some of them to really get what I want, but all in all I am happy with them. I was glad to get so many because Jason couldn't come in for the parade. He had yesterday off so he met the players on their return to Fenway yesterday. I was glad he did that :)

They were so happy..and some were still just too exhausted. I was glad to have gone!

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Yay!! [14 Oct 2007|09:59am]
Happy Birthday pgnblade!!!!!
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[25 Jul 2007|11:29am]
[ mood | loved ]

I am no longer a Hurley....well...almost...still have to finish the docs with SS etc.

The wedding was a blast. We handed off everything on the Thursday before, and from then on it was out of our hands. The day of was great, there were things that went wrong, but so what...we were the only ones who would have known. All we cared about was being married, and having a blast with our guests...and that certainly happened.

We have some non pro pics so far. I posted some of them on photobucket so you can check them out if you want. The pro pics will take some serious time to come in, but all indications point to them being great!


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Tomorrow is the day!!!! [13 Jul 2007|08:17am]
[ mood | amused ]

This train is movin, and tomorrow is the wedding day!!

The hotel has everything for the reception, the church stuff is ready, and we just have a couple random things to pick up today on the way to checking in at the hotel.

Everything has come together so well, and we have had amazing help from friends and family.

We are excited for the day to finally be here!!

I'll post pictures when we get them :)

The next time I post...I will be married!!

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we bought a new camera [06 Jul 2007|04:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I just got back from the store, and I have our new camera. I love it!

We bought a digital Canon Rebel XTI. We also bought a zoom lens for it as well. It is our super nice camera to have for a nice long time, and kick it off with great honeymoon pictures.

I am so excited for this camera. I love that we can really get good pictures with it, and do more than we could with a point and shoot.


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So far so good [05 Jul 2007|06:25am]
[ mood | chipper ]

We can now see the 10 day forcast that includes our wedding day. Granted it will change 10,000 times before the day comes, but for now it is party cloudy and 81 degrees. Not a bad day for a wedding. Hopefully the weather minions keep it that way too :)

Holy crap...we are in the single digits until the wedding day. I better enjoy this Hurley name while I can!

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Holy Moley! [26 Jun 2007|02:02pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Yeah, it hit me. The wedding is 17 days away. Yep...in the teens until our wedding day. I remember starting and seeing over 500 days...now the teens....and there is always less!

I am so excited to be Jason's wife, but I feel like I am in such planning mode that we are just going through the motions. We are so busy making sure everything is in order, that it feels like I am planning this for someone else. There is just something to do every day!

Good thing we got so much done early. I can't imagine how hard it would have been if we weren't prepared. It is just lots of little things to finish. We aren't stressed...just crazy busy! Now I realize why people look forward to the honeymoon so much...you need that time to relax :P

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What a weekend! [08 May 2007|11:02am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I was just too tired to post about it yesterday :P

Saturday we had Dillon and Devyn's 1st communion as well as Sean's 5th birthday. Thankfully they are all siblings, so it was one place. After that we went to Pei's wedding in Chinatown. Our first Chinese wedding was an interesting experience. There was just so much food! We got there at 6:30, the meal started at 8, and the last course (at least 12 courses) was brought out at 10:30. We were so tired we had to go home after that.

Then came Sunday. I went to my Mom's expecting to head to a skating show for my niece Peggy...to be greeted by my bridal shower. I quickly learned there that it will be hard to eat at the wedding. It was so nice to see the people who came, and everyone was so great. We got some wonderful gifts that Jason is loving to unpack and organize. It was a great time, and hopefully the guests had a good time too. My sister picked an awesome cake too...konditer meister...yellow cake with chocolate mouse filling...YUM. The bridesmaids all did a great job putting it together.

So with all of that I was just exhausted yesterday. It was a wonderful weekend, and filled with great things :)

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A PSA for all [04 Apr 2007|09:07am]
Pay attention to this special PSA. In particular the musical break just over a minute and a half into the PSA.

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The signs of inpending spring [12 Mar 2007|02:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I love it when the first signs of spring come up. Warmer weather always makes me want to walk at lunchtime. I like to go from my office and through the common and public gardens. It is just so nice to feel the warm air and enjoy time outside of the office.

It amuses me that there are some specific things that signify the start of spring to me....the Scientologists shoving their information at me no matter how much I tell them no thank you (happened in 2 locations today), the scam artists all over the streets getting money from unsuspecting people, and Greenpeace (well...the people that work for them) accosting you and telling you that you don't care about the environment because you won't give them your money. All of this amongst the random protesters all loving the warm weather and the wealth of people it brings out.

You just have to love sprintime in the city. :)

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post pre-cana [19 Feb 2007|08:35am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Our Engaged Encounter was this past weekend, and it was great. We had roommates, so I didn't have to be completely by myself when Jason was in his room, and thankfully we got a long.

Some of the presentations were a bit boring, but overall it was nice. We would go into separate rooms and write for 20 min after each presentation, then we would meet again just us to go over what we wrote and talk more. Even things we had already talked about we were able to discuss in a deeper way. We left feeling that our relationship got even stronger, and our faith life as a couple grew. We both liked the weekend so much, that we would tell anyone looking for pre-cana that engaged encounter was the way to go. We met some great couples, and had a great weekend with each other.

The only thing that they might want to update is the priest that does it with them. You can see that it is his passion to help engaged and married couples...but he is a 75+ year old friar that had some very old fashioned views. The married couples would talk, but when the friar talked you would just feel the momentum slow down. He was really funny though, so there were some great moments with him too.

We are glad we went, and definately got a lot out of it.

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